Life In Lockdown

Life In Lockdown

A more personal blog post than normal! Last week I wrote about our scrubs project that has been keeping me busy at the sewing machines at all hours, but this week I wanted to touch on some of the other things that I (and my husband, James, and Brock the dog) have been up to over the last 7 weeks in lockdown. Staying both physically and mentally occupied has been very important for us during this worrying time so we have been trying to stay busy during our evenings and weekends. Here are my top 5 lockdown activities!

1. Bike rides

I have been really enjoying going out on my bike in the evenings. After a long day sewing scrubs, it is a great release to unwind, get some exercise and take my mind off other things going on in the world.

A short ride from our home on the mountain bikes, we have woodland with a great mix of natural and man-made trails. Normally on a weekend we would drive to a trail centre to go mountain biking, and although I really miss this, spending more time riding in the local woods has been great fun too. It’s great trail dog training for Brock as well, though I worry that squirrels are still far more interesting to chase than either of us! One day, he will learn!

We have also been road riding more. This is a fairly new sport to me, but being lucky enough to live on the edge of the beautiful Cotswolds and surrounded by miles of countryside roads, it has been great exploring places I’ve not seen before. I’m still not quite used to wearing clips on my feet yet but the empty roads with barely a single car passing us has allowed me some much-needed time to gain confidence.

2. Dog walks

Brock’s favourite time of day – the dog walk! In normal life I often walk Brock alone, but with James working from home for the time being, it has been lovely regularly taking him out for his walk as a three. We try and go on a different walk each day, and we have explored so much more of our local area.

3. Bike maintenance and storage rack

More time at home means more time catching up with the DIY task list. On our list for ages has been creating a better bike storage solution and waking the bikes up from the winter with a spring clean and some essential maintenance. James built us these great little road bike wall mounts from some old pallet wood we had lying around – perfect for keeping the bike area a bit tidier.

4. Garden Camping

I love camping and travelling; normally during spring and summer we rarely go a few weeks without a weekend away in our campervan, so on the first sunny, warm weekend of lockdown we were ready for a change of scene. So, out came the tent, hammocks, sleeping bags and barbeque and we set up our own little campsite in the back garden. Spending the evening under the stars and waking up to the birds in the morning was so refreshing. A welcome break from the routine of lockdown life.

5. Building a vegetable patch

I am so thankful to have our own little outside space during this time. Like many others, the garden has become a great stress reliever. Whenever I take a break from sewing, I head straight outside for some fresh air and to potter around with a cup of tea in hand. One of my first projects 7 weeks ago was to build a vegetable patch. James and I collected together various bits of wood from pallets and past DIY projects and built a simple rectangular frame with legs which we sunk into the ground and filled with compost. It has been a great joy to gradually curate the patch, filling it with seeds and seedlings and watching them grow. I am very much looking forward to (hopefully!) a fruitful summer of freshly grown veggies!

I hope you have all been finding some ways that you can find enjoyment whether you are alone or with family during this strange time we are living in.


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