To get the most out of the personalised fit we offer, measurements should be taken in accordance with our instructions and guidance. This suite of animations demonstrates how to take each measurement.

 Use a fabric tape measure for all measurements.

Each measurement should be taken to the nearest 0.5cm increment (example: if the measurement is 23.3cm, it would be 23.5, if the measurement is 23.2cm it would be 23cm).
Neck Circumference

Around the neck, just below your voice box

Bust Circumference

Breathing in gently, the fullest part of your chest, level with nipples

Waist Circumference

Breathing in gently, the narrowest part of your torso above the hips

Buttock circumference

Around the fullest part of your buttocks

Vertical shoulder circumference

Vertical circumference of your shoulder, passing under the armpit

Tensed bicep circumference

Circumference of your bicep when tensed

Tensed forearm circumference

Circumference of your forearm when tensed

Neck base to mid buttock length, down spine

Down your back, base of your neck to the fullest point of your buttocks

Sleeve length

Centre back of neck, over shoulder, to the V between your forefinger and thumb